Tampa Fishing Charter Captain Serving Up Good Times and Bent Rods

“Summer is a great time of year for fishing in the Tampa Bay area. It is not uncommon to catch fifty or more fish on spring and summer Tampa fishing charters,” says Captain Mike Murphy with Fish This Inshore Charters. Capt. Mike is passionate about showing clients the very best fisheries that Tampa Bay has to offer, both in the summer and year-round.

Tampa Bay Fishing Charter Captain

One of the best fish for summertime fishing is snapper. While snapper are very hook and leader shy, they will readily eat all the chum baits and avoid the hooked baits. The trick to catch this aggressive and wary fish is to use a light leader, such as #10 test, and a small hook. Dropping down to a #4 hook with the light leader may also work. Let the bait fall back in the chum baits as freely as the line can be let out. Any movement outside of the freefall will scare away the sneaky eaters.  Bait for snapper could be shrimp, greenies, or just cut bait. Send the hooked bait back in the chum slick and hold on.

In addition to snapper, tripletail can be found around the markers, posts, and crab floats throughout the areas. These fish are very migratory. One year, they can be caught in Englewood, and two years later, they can be caught in Pensacola. With an 18” minimum size limit, tripletail can be quite exciting to reel in. Many fish exceed the minimum size and can be caught at the 25” to 30” range. The current limit is two fish per person, but just one large tripletail is plenty for a hearty dinner. Greenbacks or shrimp are a good bait for tripletail. Use just enough weight to give the bait direction so that it does not sit around on the surface. Watch the line and let the bait drift down. Tripletail will readily head back to the shelter of the buoy, so tempting them away from the marker or buoy is key to catching these fish.

On a recent fishing charter in Tampa Bay with Dr. Jen Wilson, Captain Mike put Dr. Wilson on a marker that had a huge tripletail sitting on it. Capt. Mike recalled the perfect cast Jen put out to the marker and the huge 27″ tripletail immediately inhaled the bait and took off on its first of many drag screaming runs that every fisherman yearns for! 

Fish This Inshore Charters strives to provide clients with a memorable fishing experience. The team believes that every fishing charter should be catered specifically to the client’s wishes, and the goal is to meet and exceed expectations.

Tampa Bay offers a diversity of fish species. Trout, tarpon, snook, and redfish can be caught on the flats. Seasonal catches include pompano, flounder, ladyfish, cobia, and jack crevalle. Nearshore species in the Apollo Beach area include mangrove snapper, grouper, Spanish mackerel, cobia, sheepshead, grunts, and sometimes even sharks. Throughout the year, the local waters attract all kinds of different fish species, so every Tampa Bay fishing charter is an adventure.

Operated by Captain Mike Murphy, Fish This Inshore Charters provides fishing charters throughout the Tampa Bay region and nearshore. Apollo Beach and the south shore of Tampa Bay are home to endless fishing opportunities, and clients of Fish This can catch a variety of fish, including snook, redfish, trout, and more.

For more information about Fish This Inshore Charters, visit the Fish This website at https://fishthisinshorecharters.com. Fish This can be contacted by phone at (813) 459-2521.

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