Tampa Bay Night Fishing Charters


Tampa Bay night fishing in Apollo beach is amazing. Pulling up to the docks and seeing a green hue from under the water or an overhead floodlight. In the light, numerous fish silhouettes are visible meandering in and out of the shadows. Snook are the primary species that are targeted and are inherently nocturnal feeders, which makes this type of fishing ideal for them. The busy boat activity ends with the setting sun and the water comes alive with activity. The shrimp and baitfish run through the gauntlet with tide movement and the trout, snook and sometimes tarpon are lined up to intercept them.


Popping sounds can be heard as the snook smash the shrimp and baitfish at the surface. This is quite an experience and not uncommon to catch 30+ fish in a short period of time. You will be able to see the fish take the bait and the fight is on. Almost literally like shooting fish in a barrel. Trout will hang down closer to bottom and the larger snook will typically reside in the shadows on the perimeter of the light.


There is nothing better than the serenity and peace of fishing at night. So much comes to life as the sun goes down and the boat traffic subsides. Call Us Today to experience a Tampa Bay night fishing charter.