Apollo Beach Flats Fishing Charters

The Tampa Bay area is famous for some of the best flats fishing in the state of Florida. Apollo Beach flats fishing charters are action packed trips targeting snook, redfish, trout and more. The flats around Apollo Beach are made up of lush grass, white sand, and miles of mangrove shoreline. With a sub tropical climate, Tampa Bay is a fertile estuary perfect for producing lots of snook, redfish, trout, jacks and cobia. Apollo Beach flats fishing brings you up close with the natural environment in clear, shallow water. Flats fishing is all about peace and quiet, not to mention loads of hard fighting inshore fish!

Flats Fishing Tampa Bay

Flats fishing is probably the best way to learn about inshore fish and the beautiful places they call home. On the flats stealth is key so trolling motors are necessary. A lot of our flats fishing in Apollo Beach takes place along the mangroves. Our gamefish use the mangroves as shelter and to find food. Snook in particular love mangroves and it’s great fun trying to keep a big linesider out of the bushes. Mangroves usually fish best around high tides where the redfish and snook are using them for cover.

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Light Tackle Flats Fishing


Long cast can be required when sight fishing on the flats so we utilize light tackle. This makes the fight more challenging, and allows for greater accuracy. We typically use 15 lb braided line when fishing the flats on medium light spinning gear. Light tackle is comfortable to fish with all day and is light enough for kids to handle as well. Redfish, snook, jacks and cobia will test your tackle on Apollo Beach flats fishing charters. We use high quality spinning reels with smooth drags to handle big fish on the the flats. Your angling skills will improve faster on the flats than anywhere else. So at the end of your trip you will take away skills that will last you a lifetime. Learn about Tampa fly fishing.

Apollo Beach Flats Fishing Grand Slam

Here in Tampa Bay a flats fishing grand slam is catching a snook, redfish, and trout all on the same day. It is possible to catch a grand slam on the flats of Tampa Bay any day of the year if the weather permits. On most days the snook and trout are very easy to come by. The redfish can be finicky so some days we have to search for them to round out a flats fishing grand slam. The days when you have to work for it make for the best memories. A grand slam is an angling acheivement that you won’t soon forget.  Learn about Tampa fly fishing trips here.

Residential Dock Fishing In Apollo Beach

One of the most productive areas to fish are the residential docks in the Apollo Beach area. Some of the biggest snook we catch come off docks. Snook and redfish both love structure so this style of fishing can be very productive. Fishing around docks adds to the excitement as you try to wrestle these powerful fish away from the pilings before they break you off. Fall and winter are great times to fish the docks. The deeper water stays warmer and offers protection during cold fronts. Night fishing the docks is super cool. A lot of houses have underwater fish attracting lights that are loaded with gamefish in the evenings. Battling big fish at night in Tampa Bay is not something you will soon forget!